Dancing Can Help You Stay Young

Some years back, I watched the Celebrity Take 2 dance competition from start to finish.  I love the concept not only because I can’t resist dancing to good music, but also because I use every opportunity to swing the music into one hour dance-exercise.  OK back to the Celebrity Take 2. I followed the celebrity dancers through their different dance routines.  I was particularly impressed with different choreography and the ease with which many of the dancers fit in. Even those who never thought they could put one leg in front of the other amazed themselves. 

Apart from the gruelling training sessions, I saw fitness, I saw raw energy, I saw comportment, and I saw happiness. I saw passion, and most importantly, I saw a shared experience that brought joy and togetherness to people in a mutual ritual. 

Perhaps some people may have had the feeling that dance is for those who are slim, flexible or better coordinated, while others may have felt unempowered or undeserving of participating in a dance class. But, a concept like the Celebrity Take 2 opened a window of opportunity for those who love to dance but do not see it as a profession. 

The auditions were out to get the best, dance teachers helped the participants focus on dance, worked them hard, and left the task to viewers to select dancers who to them understood the art of dancing. Almost all the dancers said they felt better physically and had also lost a lot of weight while training.  Aside that, the Celebrity Take 2 gave them permission to dance as well as a window of possibility.

Dancing to keep fit and stay young

OK, we are not asking you to participate in dance competitions, as that is not the only window of opportunity to do the salsa, hop, zumba, tap, ballet or tango. Some may find this intimidating. Instead, we suggest dancing to work your body, to fitness, and before you know it you are having fun. It is invigorating when you find yourself among women and men of all ages, walks of life and body types; all sweating together, letting go all inhibitions and developing own ‘individualised’ grace in the process. The truth is that when you move your body and feel confident physically, it permeates your whole life.

Dance Takes You Away From Routine

You come to a class feeling up, feeling down, feeling normal, whatever way you are feeling, the surety is that you will walk out feeling better. It is magical what is happening to our bodies and also to our minds when we are working out in a class. Part of it is a mental stimulation of getting the steps. Part of it is the physical freedom to move without a purpose. We spend so much of our lives moving with intentions. We are getting up, we are going to work, we are going home. It is all kind of restricted. But dance is a section that is wide open, where there is no other purpose than to be there, enjoying your body and the movement. After class, there is a wonderful high that stays with you.

Dancing is a Healthy Addiction

The health benefits of dancing are enormous. Dancing keeps you young. It is good for your heart, it is good for your lungs, and it is good for all the muscles in your body. When you are feeling healthy, nothing beats the feeling. It is like you are at peace with the world. It is a very liberating feeling.

So go on get into your dancing shoes and shake that body.  Come to think of it, if you are at home, who needs dancing shoes? Go on have some fun.  Your body will thank you for it.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


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